Representatives of CO-EVOLVE participated in the second community building event of the MED ‘Sustainable Tourism’ thematic community, on the occasion of which all its members adopted a common...

The CO-EVOLVE project was represented by the National Research Council - Institute of Marine Sciences of Italy (CNR-ISMAR) on the occasion of the 'Final MSP for Blue Growth' Conference organised by...

A first set of important deliverables coming out of the studying phase (WP3) are due to be delivered by September 2017.


CO-EVOLVE is a three-year project that aims at analysing and promoting the co-evolution of human activities and natural systems in touristic coastal areas, allowing sustainable development of touristic activities based on the principles of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)/Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP). 

It couples a presently unavailable analysis at MED scale of threats and enabling factors for sustainable tourism with local studies on seven representative Pilot Areas, to demonstrate through pilot actions the feasibility and effectiveness of an ICZM/MSP-based planning process. 

CO-EVOLVE recognises as a key challenge for sustainable coastal and maritime tourism development the strengthening of cooperation among regions and the joint development and transferring of approaches, tools, guidelines and best practices.

Finally, CO-EVOLVE contributes to the Strategic Theme 2 (Joint Action 2.1) of the Bologna Charter’ Joint Action Plan:

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