With the Co-Evolve4BG project, the promotion of an eco-sustainable development extends to the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean coasts.

Whereas the final meeting of the CO-EVOLVE project will be held in Kavala (Greece) on 2 and 3 October 2019, a new project funded by the ENI CBC MED Programme is starting on 18-20 September ("Co-Evolve for Blue Growth") which will keep analysing and promoting the co-evolution of human activities and natural systems, with a view to sustainable development and responsible tourism, but broadening its range of action to the touristic coastal areas of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean.

Co-Evolve4BG involves Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Greece and Lebanon, through 9 partners (regional and local public administrations, universities, research institutes and foundations), and will be officially presented, with a launch conference held in Gammarth, Tunisia (18 to 20 September).

The goal remains to broaden the Blue Growth strategy supported by the European Union through specific funded programmes (Interreg MED), including countries where the coastal and maritime tourism sector is identified as a sector of particular importance and where it becomes central, also in the light of the Agenda 2030 objectives. It also seeks to involve local communities and stakeholders in information and co-planning paths that, on the one hand, protect and/or redevelop the environments by counteracting risk factors, changes and climate factors while promoting incentives for the creation of commercial and tourist activities with new awareness, including inclusion and eco-sustainability.

It is interesting to note that the methodology and the experience carried out by the Co-Evolve project will be made available to the new one.