A public meeting dedicated to the results of the participatory process took place in Cattolica (Emilia-Romagna), as part of the CO-EVOLVE project

A public meeting was held in collaboration with the Municipality of Cattolica on Thursday 14 March at the Palazzo del Turismo to present the Action Plan for the pilot area of Cattolica in the frame of CO-EVOLVE.

The Action Plan is  the result  of the participatory process, carried out within the framework of the CO-EVOLVE project and financed by the Interreg MED programme (ERDF).

Through 4 laboratories, in a process lasting about one year, the participatory process involved several stakeholders: public bodies, universities, associations and companies. 
The meeting aimed to discuss the ideas and actions that emerged during the workshops, which are the basis for the Plan as a contribution to a sustainable future for the Port of Cattolica.   

These ideas and proposals concern:

  • The feasibility project for the construction of an overall system for the remodeling and management of the seabed with the use of ejectors
  • Indications for a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at managing the seabed of the port complex and indications for a differentiated collection of waste in the port area
  • Indications for the reduction of the contribution of fine sediments from the basins upstream of the port area.

Consult the agenda of the meeting (pdf, 705.2 KB)

Download the Event Poster (pdf, 968.9 KB)

For more information: Municipality of Cattolica Antonio Bonaccorso Mayor's Secretariat Telephone: +39 0541 966 521 E-mail: bonaccorsoantonio @ cattolica. net email: coevolve-cattolica@remove-this.futour.it