CO-EVOLVE participates in European Commission's 'Final MSP for Blue Growth' Conference

The CO-EVOLVE project was represented by the National Research Council - Institute of Marine Sciences of Italy (CNR-ISMAR) on the occasion of the 'Final MSP for Blue Growth' Conference organised by the European Commission on 11-12 October in Brussels.

Blue Growth has become a major policy objective for the EC, Member States and a broad range of maritime actors alike. It has contributed to jobs and growth, supported innovation and research, and promoted a collaborative and inclusive approach1. However, there are still many challenges facing the development of our maritime economies.

Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) can help to address the above challenges by creating a framework for evidence-based and inclusive maritime spatial plans. MSP reconciles economic needs with other dimensions and demands, including the protection of the environment, the supply of ecosystem services, the interactions between activities and processes occurring at sea and onshore, and cross-border cooperation.

Coastal and maritime tourism is one of the key uses to focus on.

This was the heart of the discussion of this conference that brought together many EU stakeholders active in the fields of Blue Growth and MSP. 

Key messages from the discussion on tourism within Session 3: Assessing Future Spatial Demands of the Blue Economy were the following:

  • Creative diversification of touristic offer for a more sustainable tourism
  • Go local
  • Land and Sea go together
  • Environment and landscape are both natural and economic resources.

A presentation also based on CO-EVOLVE insights and focusing on synergies between tourism and other sectors (“MSP from the Coastal and Maritime Tourism perspective: the Emilia-Romagna Region case study”) was presented within Session 4: How can synergies between maritime sectors be promoted through MSP?

See the PPT presentation CNR-ISMAR prepared for the occasion. 

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