CO-EVOLVE's main phases

CO-EVOLVE's activities started in November 2016 and will end in October 2019. The project is divided into two major phases: 

The studying phase (M1) will be running from November 2016 to January 2018. It consists in analysing and defining the state of the art at MED and Pilot Area scale concerning the development of sustainable maritime and coastal tourism, using and integrating available data, designing common approaches and elaborating common strategies, tools and action plans. This phase is essential to define a consistent framework for pilot actions and for the final phase (transferability of the results in the territories covered by the project).

The testing phase (M2) will be running from February 2018 to the end of the project’s lifetime. It consists in testing instruments, policies, strategies and joint plans already identified in M1 through pilot activities in preselected pilot areas, in order to set up solutions applicable to a wider set of users and territories, which the final transferability phase will precise.

Transferring activities will start in May 2019 and last until the end of the project.